How To Exit Your Positions (Without Regrets)

Timing Your Exits

The 30% Dump Rule

Project Fundamentals

  • Valuation — is overvalued or undervalued relative to similar projects?
  • Team — is the team anon or doxxed? How is their communication and interactions with the community?
  • Development — is the project being actively developed and are there new features being released? Or is it just vaporware?
  • Community — how “die-hard” is the community? Does it feel like a cult? (If so that’s bullish)
  • Narrative — Is the project’s sector bullish based on what the market is into at the time? For example, right now P2E (play to earn) games are hot (thanks to Axies success), so if we needed to choose between a DeFi project and a P2E project with similar charts, we would probably choose the P2E.
  • News catalysts- are there upcoming token unlocks (bearish) or product releases (bullish)? It’s not uncommon for tokens to pump leading up to launches, then dump after release (the classic ‘buy rumor and sell news’ play).

BTC Instability

Be Okay With Making Mistakes

Don’t Get Married To Any Particular Project

It’s Okay To Buy Back Higher!


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