How To Discover New BSC Tokens With Strong Upwards Momentum

If you’ve been following our Telegram channel, then you probably have a good grasp of the EASY strategy by now, especially how to spot good entries.

For example, here are some of our recent calls that have performed well using this strategy:

$DEKU — Anime meme coin ~4x since first call

$bURUS — Exchange token up ~5x since first call

$GRV — Rebase coin ATH ~20x since first call

$GME — 5X since first call

Don’t feel bad if you missed on the full run because few people can hold all the way up to a 20x multiple. It takes some real diamond hands and serious conviction (or temporary altzheimers).

And to be completely honest, we don’t really aim to hit crazy multiples. It’s great if we do but we’re also happy with 2–3x’s that we can compound into higher multiples.

Let’s say you hit a 3x, then rotate that into another 3x and then another 2x. That effectively becomes an 18x at the end of the day.

This means we inevitably sell tokens that end up going much higher (we did this with GRV). But that’s okay since there is an abundance of 2–3x opportunities everywhere on BSC.

Ttoday’s article will be short and sweet. It will be about how to discover new tokens in strong accumulation patterns.

Finding Coins With Upward Momentum

To find trending coins, we’ve developed a custom tool that screens for coins with strong momentum.

It’s very similar to Moonarch, which is the next best free tool.

The tool filters out tokens that are green for the most part across multiple time frames (3D, 1D, 12H, 6H, 1H).

We always look for larger % increases across longer time frames. So the 3 day increase should be bigger than 24 hours which is bigger than 12 hours, etc. This is important because otherwise, it just means the coin pumped within a few hours. And these short/fast pumps usually don’t last.

Then we filter out projects that have under 500 holders. This means we won’t be as early, but also reduces the risk of getting rugged.

We’ll also filter out projects that have low liquidity (under $50k) which helps screen out scams and rugs.

Once we find a token that matches the current criteria, we’ll check the chart to verify it’s in some sort of upward accumulation pattern (covered in this article)

Whale Watching

Another strategy we sometimes use is monitoring the wallet activity of BSC whales and successful traders. The assumption is if someone is a whale, they likely know what they’re doing and we’re just going to ride on their backs.

Moonarch has a feature where you can add wallets to monitor.

There’s also the EtherDrops bot that can track wallets and alert you of activity on Telegram.

We never blindly ape into something just because another whale did. We don’t want to become pure copy traders because that means we’re always going to be a step behind.

We simply use tracking tools to scope what other successful traders are buying. We still always look at the charts to make sure it’s an appropriate entry.





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