If you’ve been following our Telegram channel, then you probably have a good grasp of the EASY strategy by now, especially how to spot good entries.

For example, here are some of our recent calls that have performed well using this strategy:

$DEKU — Anime meme coin ~4x since first…

In our previous yield farming article, we discussed a few different basic strategies depending on your farming stack and risk tolerance.

In this series, we’re going to reveal additional advanced yield farming strategies often used by DeFi whales with the goal of increasing your yields while protecting yourself from price…

Welcome back Chads. In our previous article, we talked about spotting accumulation patterns so you know when to buy in.

We demonstrated this strategy in real time in our Telegram and Twitter channels with several calls that went on to do quite well:



Have you ever tried to buy the dip on your favorite coin, only for it to dip again… and again.. And again…?

Then next thing you know, you’ve become a lifelong community member.

Chances are, you were buying dips during a downtrending distribution phase rather than upwards trending accumulation phase.

First of all, apologies for the lack of activities in the past few months. A few of us took a break from the screens and went out to enjoy summer.

We came back to an exciting bull market where everything was pumping, and we’re excited to start sharing daily alpha…

Welcome to part 2 of the Chad’s Ultimate Yield Farming Guide!

In this part, we’re going to cover in-depth some core yield-farming strategies to maximize your returns while minimizing your risk.

We have a lot to cover so let’s jump right in.

First, if you haven’t already, make sure to…

What’s up Chads! In this special 2 part guide, we’re going to cover — in great detail — our favorite yield farming strategies to maximize your returns while minimizing downside.

These strategies are based on our team’s personal experience as full-time DeFi participants (aka degen farmers), as well as that…

Dear Anon,

As seasoned crypto veterans, we BSC Chads bear the scars of many a battle lost against shitcoin scams.

Whether that was aping in early to a pre-sale with no website, or depositing a farming stack into a food farm fronted by a cartoon kebab — we, like you…

Dear Anon,

How many times has this happened to you…

You discover a new hyped project that’s listing soon.

You set your alarm, prepare your wallets, and load up Unsiwap or PancakeSwap minutes before the launch time.

After some delays from the team (always happens), the admins finally post the…

This is a special BSC Chads guide on how to farm directly through smart contracts on Etherscan or BSCScan, instead of relying on the web UI interfaces.

This gives you an unfair advantage over those who don’t know how to do this. …

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